My Accomplishments

I started my career in Human Resources in 1996 as an HR Assistant at San Miguel Corporation – San Miguel Brewery Philippines, Mindanao Operating Center. The country’s (Philippines) number 1 employer, Multi National Corporation and a leading manufacturing company. A Food & Beverage giant. To be employed with San Miguel Corporation spells excellence and prestige throughout the country.

My Human Resources career crafted a lot of dignified accomplishments from being local (Davao City – is the location of the Mindanao Operating Centre), to national. Until I decided to move and included in my drawing board an international HR career.

I am an Internationally Educated Professional (IEP), and being one posts a lot of challenges. Having been trained to “sink or swim” I progressed these challenges into accomplishments and still look forward to adding more.

Progression of Accomplishments:

Ant & Bee Corporation

Resource Team Lead & Recruiting Manager

In my three (3) years stint with Ant & Bee Corporation (a company offering recruiting and consulting services), I am proud to say that I manage to handle two (2) positions at the same time. As Team Lead and Manager, it was a challenge to handle 25 recruiters while doing other HR administrative tasks.

One of my great accomplishments was being a key person in opening a recruiting branch in Ottawa. From recruiting to training three (3) Account Managers and a Procurement Trainer I was able to make the Ottawa Office up and running in two (2) months.

I was also responsible in training a team of 20 recruiters in Jamaica (the company’s off shore recruiting call centre). And of course not missing out in training the Toronto Account Managers, Recruiters, and other employees.

Another accomplishment noteworthy mentioning was being able to motivate and lead Toronto Recruiters team to bring their performance to a level that they can be proud of. By conducting monthly performance reviews and monitoring day to day output, Toronto recruiters were at the highs of having 92% – 100% performance in attaining objectives.

My customer service is impeccable. I wrote training manuals on Recruiting Customer Service, R2R Database Guidelines among others.

I have interviewed over 100 consultants both junior and senior in their professions.

I have recruited professionals from the fields of Information Technology, Sales, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Receptionists & Personal Assistants, Office Clerks, Managers, and Vice Presidents among others.

Gentrade International Philippines Inc.
Human Resources Manager

At Gentrade, my detailed plans and activities supporting various departments, brought the company to high profits. Sales & Collection boosts up to high figures marking a very significant increase.

I trained over 300 employees in all levels of the organization. During my first year, my trainings focused on personal & professional development with a motivational approach tailor-fitted to various roles. Trainings include: Team Building & Values Formation, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Business Correspondence, Modules on Planning, Leading, Organizing and Controlling (PLOC), Various Leadership sessions, etc.

The above mentioned trainings and some more were geared towards eliminating tardiness & absenteeism. After series of trainings and motivational sessions, employees’ productivity level rose to a 90% increase.

As a member of the Operations Committee (OpCom), I have developed a steady progression of increasing accomplishments and responsibilities and an active involvement in strategic planning and decision-making.

Key person in opening new branches across the nation. A stellar in filling up positions quickly for new branches prior to store openings.

In this role, I handled three (3) business trades.

AMA Computer College
Human Resources Supervisor

Although my stint with AMA Computer College was short, this proved my track record of providing highly exceptional HR service.

I was able to complete in a timely manner hard to fill positions with quality professionals. Also, I initiated quarterly HR meetings to discuss employees’ issues and concerns and elevated these to the Head Office for resolution. Among others, I fostered employee camaraderie and team work between teaching and non-teaching staff.

In a short period of time, I garnered respect from the entire academe and its sister companies. Being senior among other HR professionals, I initiated regular meetings. In these meetings, I discussed and shared “Best Practices”. I was mentor to my counterparts.

San Miguel Corporation – Mindanao Supply Centre
Davao Brewery

Human Resources Associate

In San Miguel Corporation, I handled multiple functions: Training & Development, Recruitment, Culture Management, Performance Management & Development, and Succession Planning.

I also handled various accounts: Sales, Sales & Marketing Group, Logistics, Finance, Engineering, and Production (Brewing & Packaging Departments).

My major accomplishments include mentoring new hire HR Staff and Trainees on a day to day basis.

I have developed a strong and warm clientele relationship and have provided excellent, proactive HR service to the accounts I have handled from Recruitment, Placement to Retirement. I have walked employees from womb to tomb in their career with SMC.

I have trained, co-trained, and motivated employees to give their best at work. Essentially promoting “If we take care of the company, the company in return will take care of us”.

I earned the respect of Managers and Consultants, Plant Manager, Area Sales Manager, Territory Sales Managers and Supervisors, and was one of the pillar of the HR Department. Instrumental in building a trustworthy and competent HR team.

I have progressed myself from a time-based employee to a results-based employee in two (2) years and earned upgrading and promotions. Moving forward to the HR Associate position.

In summary, my performance while working with San Miguel Corporation spells of high calibre and exceptional among other HR practitioners in the Supply Centre.


~ by Cristina Ozoa on July 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “My Accomplishments”

  1. Just exceptionally excellent! How I wish I could also propel my HR career into the international arena, just like what you did so far. Keep on soaring high, Cristina. (Do Canadians have nicknames too? Do they know you are Bambi here in the Philippines?) Wishing you well and all the best in your future undertakings.

    • In the past 5 years, I learned that my name in the international arena is Cristina. And I am getting comfortable with that. A few close friends call me Bambi here in Canada. Ding, thank you for the wonderful note. All the best.

  2. Cristina, you are an inspiration to many researchers like me who just dream about success but never make them a reality. Indeed, you are exceptionally generous and very apt blend of literary at every point one marvels at such poised, unblemished virtuosity that conveys such warmth along with such positive rendering. We admire you until the end of time.

    • Thank you Vaibhav. I encourage you to live your dreams! It isnt easy. You have to do a lot of sacrifices..but worth it in the end.

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